Monday, June 27, 2011

Senior Cell Phones

If you are a regular reader, you know I researched and debated about getting a cell phone for "The Queen Mum" (my Mother). After much deliberation and consulting with my siblings, we decided, yes, she should have a cell phone not only for emergency access, but also for ease of communication.

Enter her 85th birthday, she opened the the gift of her senior cell phone.

I have been paying her monthly bills.  They are not much.  But that means I am privy to her phone records. So far, since April 15th, she's used her phone for 2 minutes.  That means I have paid $30 per minute for her to have this convenience.  No worries, if it at some point would save her from being stranded by a bus when it's -40 degrees, it's well worth it. Still, something to think about....

She doesn't like her cell phone.  I talk to her everyday. Our convo goes something like, "Hi Mom, how ya' doing?"  "What are you up to today?" you get the drift. She will casually mention her cell phone from time-to-time and worries about losing it. She has actually lost it twice, so far, but it's been recovered.

Yesterday, she said, "Ohmygosh, you'll never guess what happened.  I heard this voice. I turned on and off my TV, that wasn't it. I checked my clock radio, that wasn't it.  I opened my door thinking maybe somebody was talking outside my door, that wasn't it.  I thought maybe God was calling me home.  No, it was that damn cell phone in my purse, telling me the battery was low. I hate that thing."

She's a funny lady!


Ann said...

You made me laugh out loud, I even read your blog to Dan and he was cracking up. Your Mom is a hoot, God bless her.
My Mom would have been the same way about a cell phone.

Jene said...

Thanks, Ann. The funny things is she was so serious in telling me the story.
I know I am SO lucky to have her. I love her to pieces.

Anonymous said...

It’s so nice to know that our moms can be so cool with their cell phones. My mom is using a simple cell phone, too. She’s using Just5, which I think works the same way as Jitterbug. Just like you, hearing the sound of the voice of my mom and her stories over the phone never fail to make me smile.

Jan said...

Haha!! Great post!! My mom is using TracFone's Senior Value Phone (SVC) and she says she likes it a lot because she always gets to talk to me anyyy time she wants to. She likes the big buttons and the big letters and how easy it is to use. Has anyone used both the Jitterbug or Just5 and the SVC phone? Is SVC really the best one out there?

Marc Whist said...

I've been looking for a new phone for myself with an eye toward getting something for my father, too, who's less technologically inclined then me. He's also resisted getting a cell phone and doesn't want to sign a contract. I looked at getting him a go phone but also looked at Tracfones. They have something called SVC which is basically a super-simple and inexpensive no-contract phone. Too simple and featureless for me but might be perfect for him. What do you think? Have you seen this?