Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Officially Summer

We did it.  After a long, wonderful, joyful spring with birds singing, the flowers in full bloom and the sun warming our souls, the heat hit us.  Arizona is over 100....and it will stay that way till...September/October.  The pool is just a little cool for spoiled people like me who prefer pool temps over 90, so no swimming yet. But I thought getting a little tan would be nice.

I set out the pad on my chaise lounge. I got my book, and water.  I put on my swimsuit, donned my sunglasses, put SPF gazillion on my face and now I was ready. I sat down , leaned back, ready to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Holy Mother of God!!!  It was HOT!!!  I mean to tell you Mama, it was really hot.  I looked for a thermometer and this meat thermometer is all I could get my hands on quickly.

Look at this!  Needless to say... I put away the pad on my chaise lounge, I put away my book and water. I took off my sunglasses...and I hopped into that pool---fast!

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