Sunday, June 5, 2011

Henry Ratenski

Foxtrot Freddie and I met Henry Ratenski and his lovely wife (now deceased) when we live in Milwaukee in 1999-2000.  He is an amazing fellow.  He and his wife were the "deejays" every Sunday night a a huge dance held at a local "hall".  In Wisconsin the "halls" (Wisconsin's term for "venue") were well populated with beer drinkers and polka dancers.  Henry and his wife played all kinds of music and danced all night long. They were elegant dancers with posture and grace...and always winning smiles.

We had an additional tie to Henry.  We found out he graduated from Notre Dame (yes, that would be a few years before Freddie).  Henry and Freddie loved to chat about the latest ND football games.

My heart is happy today knowing Henry is still alive and well, teaching kids about WWII and the swing dancing of the era.  I bet he is making a huge impact on those kids!  Lucky them!

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