Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day.  I love this day.  It allows me to take a day out of the calendar and really focus on the men in my life that are so important to me.

I have to mention my Grandpa.  He was a kind old soul.  I loved spending summers with Grandma and Grandpa.  His laugh and antics kept both Grandma and me on our toes! He was a veteran of WWI and served in France. I still have a French Franc he carried through the war.  He loved his great grandsons!

Next is my wonderful Dad. Bless his soul.

He was a hard worker to provide for his family.

He had a great sense of humor.

He loved the outdoors and taught generations how to fish...just imagine the number of fishing lines he had to untangle through his years.

And he loved to putter....

The greatest man in my life is my hubby, the love of my life...

How lucky was I when I was 15 to meet the man of my dreams. Kids were the furthest from my mind, but what a Dad he is! Maybe the best ever!

He taught by example with high moral and ethical values.

He showed what a good education can bring.

He "homeschooled" without even realizing he was teaching.

He played and rough-housed-and laughed.

He taught the love of science in fishing and the great wilderness.

He "paid for gum"...and cars, which wasn't easy some days.

And continues today to be Father, Mentor and Friend to our sons. His father was also a great dad in so many ways.

Lastly is the man in my son's lives that brings comedy and in some rare moments, levity. UM is the best.  The times where "it takes a village" to raise sons, UM was on call and jumped in.

How blessed I am..and my sons are to have such a legacy of strong, moral, kind and loving men in their lives!
Happy Father's Day to you all!  xxoo

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