Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Collapsible Colander

As you know kitchen gadgets have a way of making themselves a home in my kitchen.  I found a new one the other day, it's a must have for every kitchen.

It is this cutie-patootie small collapsible Colander.  It comes in so many terrific colors, it was hard to choose.  Well, for me not too tough, as you know I have to have red accessories in my kitchen.  But for many the bright summer colors would look great.

Now, this colander is not only collapsible to fit nicely in even the tightest spots, but it was a snap-on base, so you can store your fruit (or whatever you use your colander for) in the refrigerator without fear of drips.

Order your colander here..do yourself a favor right off and order additional ones for your favorite peeps (only $5.00 each!)

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