Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clear Lake, Iowa

I am so lucky.  I was raised by a Mom and Dad that celebrated Independence Day for our great country.  I was even luckier to grow up in Iowa near Clear Lake. Clear Lake is an idyllic town, with a town square, the painted bandstand with musicians playing non-stop and people who value their heritage. I remember the patriotic music, the delicious taste of fried chicken fresh from Mom's kitchen to our picnic basket, the long boat rides and the fireworks that sparkled in my mind long after that evening had passed.

I drove through this town today and had to stop.  I wanted to plant myself right there for the next week and soak it all in. I sat on this lawn many times with friends, listening to all kinds of concerts by community bands and local talent, first with cotton candy in hand, then in later years,  being way to cool to sit with my family and instead chose roaming the lawn for kids my own age.

The twinkling lights, the jingle-jangle of carnival music, the kiddies running from ride to ride begging for more, it was as if I turned back the clock. 

The store windows beckoned the visitors inside to buy more of the red, white and blue.  The colors, the flag, the spirit was everywhere...

As I stopped to see the sights I remember so well, I paused and was so very thankful for those fond memories.

                                                              God Bless The USA!


Ann said...

Jene, I loved your recollection of childhood. I too, came from a very small town in Minnesota and have very vivid memories of picnics, carnivals, fireworks, etc. I loved growing up in a small town. It was fun seeing the pictures and reading your blog today. Have a great trip.
~ Ann

JeanneDolanMarkell said...

Omg....did I know of your connection to clear lake befor?? Don't think so....remind me we'd to tell you of mine...small world again....