Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome To A New Month...May!

When I was young we celebrated May Day. It's a day we brought out the crafting supplies and made paper baskets out of cupcake wrappers, construction paper, Dixie cups, pipe cleaners and crepe paper.  We filled the tiny baskets with popcorn, M & M's and other little candies.

We would then go from house to house, ring the door bell and run away. The trick was, the receiver shouldn't know who left the basket of goodies.

We continued this fun tradition when my sons were small. We lived in a rural community in Minnesota and were blessed with great friends. Not only our friends, but the boys had little kids who were their best buddies as well. All the children squealed in delight at their new found treasures at the front door every May 1st.

It was a way to welcome spring, get outside after the long winter and enjoy the season to come.

Speaking of upcoming seasons...

Today I am starting a new diet program for the month of May. It's called "Shape Up For Summer Boot Camp", a free online diet/exercise program at the website  Anyone care to join me?

I'll keep you posted on my progress....


Ann said...

I just posted on Facebook about my May Day experiences as a child. It was always such fun to give and receive the May baskets. Memories!

Jene said...

Wasn't that the best, Ann? Loved it!