Monday, May 16, 2011

"T" Minus Two Months

I imagine when you have a daughter, you dream of the day she marries. I wouldn't know as I had two sons; no daughters.  As a mother of sons, I must tell you, daydreaming about the day they marry never crossed my mind.

Maybe when they have their first crush, or go on their first date, it crossed my mind..."I wonder if she's the one..." 

Then I met her. And I know him. And it was good. I could feel it.
Time has gone by. The engagement is long by many standards, over 16 months.  But the time is approaching quickly now, two months from today.

The invitations were mailed today. That makes it more real for me. My son is about to become a husband. He (they) will be creating their own nuclear family.

It makes me ponder "the circle of life" and how wonderful this journey is.
I couldn't have written a note to say, "Okay, God, for my son I'd like this..and this..and that". God knew what he was doing by introducing  my son to his soon-to-be-bride.
Life can be so joyful..and so challenging. Whatever the future brings, I know it will be richer for these two special people because they will have each other by their side.

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