Friday, May 20, 2011

Royal Wedding Watchers

For all of you royal wedding watchers, I am sure you may have seen this someplace on the internet.  I am drawn to look whenever I see it. One must admit, there are some striking similarities in these photos.
Look at that breathtaking prince and princess...
Poor Ole' Beatrice and good ol' whatshername (her sister). They have always had the lot in life of playing second fiddle. But come on girls, do you have to be so dowdy?

Well, enough of that, just thought I'd share..

It's that gorgeous time of year when everybody gets outside and picnics.  I love to have meals outside looking at the beautiful sky, the trees swaying in the breeze and simply enjoy nature's dining room.

Here are some tips:
* To chill wine faster, wet and wring out a dishtowel.  Wrap the wet towel around the bottle of wine and refrigerate for atleast 1/2 hour.  Take it to your picnic wrapped and in a plastic bag so your other items don't get wet.
* Whole fruit will last longer than cut-up fruit.  Do not make your fruit salads until the last minute.  If you must cut up fruit beforehand, do not mix the fruit keeping them in separate plastic bags until the last minute.
*  Avoid mayonnaise in outdoor picnics, it spoils quickly. Use pestos or oil and vinegar salad dressings instead.
*  Trail mix, gorp, or whatever your local name for a dried fruit and nut mixture makes for a good outdoor snack.
*  Freeze lemon aid, kool aid or ice tea in ice cube trays to cool off your beverages. These can be frozen the night before, then put into your large thermos containers filled with the same liquid.  Or how about lemon aid ice cubes in your iced tea for a variation on an "Arnold Palmer"?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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