Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Toy---Part Deux

I continue to go crazy with my new toy.  It really is a  fun little gizmo to play with.

Today I made cut-out sugar cookies with icing. You see I have a golf outing coming up and all the golfers get goodie bags. In the goodie bags will be water, drink coupons for the beverage cart, a snack, sunscreen, a bug repellent wipe, these little things of beauty and maybe a couple of other items; yet to be determined.

Okay, it's my first attempt and they resemble a 1st 4-H project, but by the time I practice a couple more times, they'll be impressive.  Take my word for it!  :)    (Try as I might, I can't get this dang picture to turn, so sorry, but you'll have to turn your head to see this creation!)

On another note, I was at one of my favorite stores today, Sur La Table. Look at the ice cream goodies they are gearing up with:

Love the red handled ice cream scoop (these are great by the way, I have one).

These are hard to pass up, little colorful ice cream bowls (disposable) with the old fashioned wood ice cream spoons.

These have nothing to do with ice cream, but look at these little individual pie molds; complete with a heart cutout. Ahhhhh.....

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