Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Toy

I have an aversion to electrical kitchen appliances. My sister and I have an ongoing joke about all of the new electric kitchen appliances that come out on the market. We tease each other when a new "must have electric potato peeler" comes out, that we will surely buy it for each other's birthday or Christmas gift. I mean, really, where do you store all of those things?  And again, really, how often do you use them?

The corndog maker...

The donut maker...

The electric turkey fryer...

You get the idea.

I always thought the electric stand mixer was among these items, the ones you use once a year and have to store the monstrosity the rest of the year. However, after 40+ years of homemaking and 5+ cookbooks later, I have had a "hankering' to own one of these little beauties.

Enter the Macy's One Day Sale. Wouldn't you know last weekend, they had a sale on Kitchenaid stand mixers?  What to do...what to do. I had to go take a look. 

The basic white one was on sale for a very good price.  The higher wattage, bigger stand mixers (in color I might add) were also on sale, but not a great sale.
As you readers know by now, I think a great cook cooks with as much red in the kitchen as possible. I have red spoons, red aprons, etc.

 I think it's the Betty Crocker indoctrination I had while growing up in Minnesota.  No matter, it is what it is and I think red helps make the magic in the kitchen.

So here it is folks, my new toy! I love it!  I have gone crazy with it, making hash from a beef roast ( I also bought the food grinder attachment), homemade breakfast sausage (a German family recipe) and red velvet cake

with cream cheese icing.

My qualms proved to be untrue, the ones like, it will be a monster to isn't, it's easy.  It will not be any easier to use than a hand mixer...dead wrong on this account, it makes recipes so much simpler.  The last one is still true, it is a tough item to find storage for. I have a shelf in the garage for just kitchen storage. (No basements here in Arizona you know.) To look at it though, is a work of art, come on, doesn't the candy apple red color just make you smile?

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Jessy Senti said...

Single best kitchen accessory I've ever owned. I use it so much it just stays right on the counter. :)