Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Thoughts

I have mixed emotions about ending our lovely week on Hilton Head.  It was great fun having the family there for a short time, then renewing our friendships with dear, life long friends...

The weather was fantastic, which always helps.

I can see why people love the "low country" as it is called. The laid back atmosphere, the moss hanging from the trees and swaying in the ocean breezes and all the fabulous seafood!

The fresh scent of pine mulch permeates the air.
There are rocking chairs everywhere! (I think people everywhere need atleast one rocking chair in their home.) It automatically takes your mind back to a kinder, gentler day.

The Starbucks, in a recycled bank building where you can have meetings in their old vault!

And my last walk on the beach smiling as I see all the fun families have together. From cousins making the biggest sand castle they can imagine..

To children flying kites to see whose will go highest...

To Mommies making a shelter for their little ones to nap and have a place of refuge from the searing sun..

To people everywhere taking their beloved pet on a lazy afternoon beach stroll...

Time to drink it all in one last time for 2011.

Then we board the plane. Soon we will be welcomed and cozy in our own little house with the comfy bed and familiar surroundings.

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