Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Hola Mi Amigos!

Hoy es de Cinco De Mayo... Ole!

(Apologies for my Spanish to my Latino friends!)

One cannot celebrate Cinco De Mayo, or any day in Mayo (or any of the other months for that matter) without a good margarita.

Here is a recipe guaranteed to please.


1-6 ounce can of frozen limeade
1-6 ounce can of water
1-6 ounce can of tequila
3 ounces of Triple sec

Pour the above ingredients into your blender and fill with ice.  Blend.  Swipe your glass rim with a cut-up lime wedge and dip the edge of your glass in salt. Toss the lime into the glass, then fill with margarita.

This can be made ahead and frozen for large parties. It doesn't freeze because of the alcohol, it stays the consistency of a slush. this case a cerveza muy bueno!  (No dogs were injured during this photo shoot!)

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Ann said...

We made your margaritas yesterday for Mother's Day. They were really good, everyone enjoyed them. I'm really glad that I wrote your recipe down.
Have a great day.