Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I didn't get out a lot during my recent visit to Chicago.  There were a couple of reasons for that, but one certainly could have been the weather.  If you live anywhere in the Midwest, you know it should be renamed "The Rust Belt" as if it doesn't stop raining soon, everything will get rusty!

I did, however, manage a few trips to Starbucks.  On my wonderful walk, I happened upon this.  I know there are a few ways one could interpret the reason they named the company this certain name, but it made me chuckle all the way to the coffee shop.  (I know, middle school humor!)

Then back to Arizona and the heat and sunshine-it's a good thing!  However, first I had to maneuver 5 hours at O'Hare during thunderstorms blowing through.  As soon as one ended another blew in.  It caused the airport to close down.  People found whatever way they could get comfortable and catch a nap. This was one of the more uncomfortable ways! The talented gate agents worked around her. 

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