Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Beading is the new "in" craft. It is not really too new, but it is growing in popularity exponentially. Go into any fabric store and the aisles are filled with more beading supplies than fabric.

It is fun to do. How do I know? I just took a class.

You see, I bought a string of beautiful pink pearls on the cheap. Then I took them to have them strung; $75 for a short, simple necklace made out of my cheap pearls.  Ah, I don't think so!

I signed up for a beading class and for less than $1.00 (and very little skill) I can make a long necklace!

Here is my beading class creation, a bracelet.

Short lesson in pearls:
Tahitian Pearls; the real deal, grown naturally by an oyster, can get very large and can be of varying shades of color.
Cultured Pearls; a "seed" or grain of sand is put inside a mussel and a pearls grows around it. Dyes can be injected into the mussel to create pearl colors, pink or brown.
Costume jewelry pearls; actually a glass bead sprayed with pearlized paint.

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