Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's This World Coming To?

The title of this blog post could go in all different directions, as there are a lot of loony things going on.  I am going to focus on one aspect of the lunacy this morning....

Here is the adult version

Here is the little girl version with cartoon characters

Lunacy #1. The other day when I was out shopping, I saw thong underwear for girls as young as 5 years old. If you've been under a rock for the past 10 years and don't know what thong underwear are, they are women's underwear, mostly worn because of two things: A. being sexy and B. avoiding a panty line under tight pants. They are also referred to as "butt floss" as the tiny string that holds the front of the panty fits none-too comfortably between your butt cheeks.  Okay, back to today's blog post. Why do little girls need to A. feel sexy and B. avoid panty lines from tight fitting pants? This is crazy!

On to lunacy #2. When I was telling a friend about lunacy #1 (the thong panties for 5 year olds) she told me in one of her mail order catalogues there was a push-up bra for young girls. I googled it and sure enough, the push-up starter bra is being marketed to a demographic of 7-9 year olds.  Really?? I've been around quite a few 7-9 year old little girls recently and I can tell you, a push-up bra is not what they need. Really!!

Last but not least, lunacy #3. J. Crew is marketing fingernail polish for boys. We've all seen it, some teenagers wear the black nail polish for the Gothic look. Whatever. They are trying to find their niche in life.  But this fingernail polish is for young boys, in startling shades of bright pink, cherry red, etc. I won't get on the Fox News bandwagon of the whole transgender issue. Do I think Mom polishing her nails and the little two year old boy wants to try some on will ruin him forever?  No. However, here is a little story...  When my sons were young and in elementary school, there was a little boy who wanted to wear a dress to school. We've all been there, your youngster won't wear anything but what they select and time is counting down.  Rather than take a stand, we give in and allow them to wear pajamas, horridly matched outfits, different shoes on each foot, whatever the given whim is. Well, this lad decided he wanted to wear a dress. Bad choice. The poor kid was forever, throughout the rest of his school career, ostracised for his (and his Mom's) decision. I feel the same way about the little boy who decides he's going to wear pink nail polish to elementary school. Mom may want to think about that one a little more...

On a more humorous note, I was with my wonderful extended family this past weekend.  A couple of my cousins are in those interesting teenager years with their offspring.  My cousin was relating a story on his daughter's first date.  She had been looking forward to her 16th birthday because her parents allowed her to go on a one-on-one date, rather than with a group of kids. The young man came to the door and rang the doorbell. My cousin (her Dad) answered. Outside the door, he saw a young "dude" with his pants waistband down under his butt and his baseball cap cocked to one side. My cousin said, "Wait here" and closed the door. He came back and re-opened the door. He said to the young man, "Here is a length of twine.  Put this through your belt loops and tie your pants up around your waist.  You have two choices with your baseball cap.  Either, put it on straight or take it off.  When you do these things, you can come in". The young man tied up his pants, removed his baseball cap and greeted my cousin's dropdead gorgeous daughter. I asked...the young "dude" never came back for a second date.  However, now the girl is 17, the family laughs at the story and the good news is, according to my cousin, she raised the bar on who she accepts dates from.

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