Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

What on earth got into me today? Perhaps it was the household neglect of the past few weeks... Or maybe spring fever. It was a busy day, none-the-less.

First, I found some fun spring fabric to make valances. Every once-in-awhile one needs to "spiff" up the old house and make it look fresh and summery. The stripe fabric is for chair covers.

Next, YUK! YUK! YUK! I cleaned the oven.

Now, you might ask, why don't you turn that fancy "self-clean" knob on that pricey oven and call it a day? I'd like to.  But every time I clean it, the electronic panel burns out.  Yup, you heard it right.  It's been replaced 5 times at over $400 a crack.  So, no mas. Hear that Wolf Ovens?  I hate you.

Finished the oven cleaning job just in time to put in a turkey and stuffing for dinner tonight.  That will be a yummy treat, may even call for some wine. :)

Then I did a little yard work.  Love these Arizona lawns, pretty easy to keep up. Just spray the weeds!  Take that you little buggers!

Next I washed our yellow toy car.  Actually, it's not our yellow toy car, it's Wesley Standpipe's yellow toy car.  But until he take possession of it, we drive it to keep it running and take care of it. So, now it is all cleaned and put to bed.

 (Hence the blue blankie!)

Lastly, I topped out this teeth clenching day by finishing a task I hate-hate-hate.  (Next to cleaning the oven, that is). 

I sanded and stained/sealed our outdoor furniture.

Put on my swimsuit, sweat to death and  finished the whole job.

I got a little sun too, so not too shabby.

Time to shower and sit down with that glass of wine...the turkey is smelling mighty good!

Oh, and Freddie was hard at it too.  Taxes....    I think I'd rather clean the oven.

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JeanneDolanMarkell said...

OK....i am totally exhaused reading your "work day" post!! a new Wolf oven owner..I'm a little spooked.