Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Maintenance

To all of you homeowners out there..... A big call out to get going on those projects you've been putting off.

1. Have your HVAC checked by a professional.  Best $50-100 you'll spend. Keep changing those furnace
filters too.

2. Wash the wondows, hose off the screens.

3. Call in the pest guy and have them do a thorough spraying before bug season gets ahead of you.

4. Time for the spring cleanup. Fertilize and use that weed killer. Clean out your flower beds. Trim those shrubs before they get away from you.

5. Clean the garage.  Time to get organized for the busy outdoor season ahead.

6. Clean the porches, patios and decks.  Do you need to power wash them, reseal them or paint them?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of....well you know that saying!

7. Restock the cleaning pantry.
    A. Borax; available at Target for under $3.00.  This little gem can be used to help get the "smellies" out of your laundry, clean the frig and in general, a good all purpose (green) cleaner.
   B.  White vinegar; need I say more?
   C. Magic clean eraser.  Yup, these little wonders can be used on a weekly basis to help keep your walls looking freshly painted.  By the way, if you have anyone in your family that leans against the walls or brushed their hands against the walls, tell them to
   D. Rubbing alcohol; mix this 50/50 with water for an excellent glass cleaner. Save the Windex for somebody else, this works better.
   E. Bleach; kills germs. Mix it in your water to clean counters, the bathroom floor, the bathroom...period!
   F. Super Clean; my newest best friend.

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