Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

WARNING!!!!  If you don't like royal wedding talk, click off right now. 

Right Now......

Don't say I didn't warn you.......

Now for the rest of you, wasn't the royal wedding with Kate and Will adorable? First of all, you have story book characters, a DDG (as Will calls Kate for "Drop Dead Gorgeous") to a handsome prince with a cherub face. Come on, even the most cynical have to have some level of curiosity!

Then you have the devastating loss of the handsome prince's mother, so there are a lot of bleeding hearts watching.

Then you have the current state of world events which , let's face it, don't compare in "happy" factor.

So, let's begin...

One of my favorite things about coming to Hilton Head is resuming friendships of people I have known for years-a feisty lot, if I must say so myself.  Somebody, who will remain nameless, got the bright idea of having a pajama "royal Wedding Party".  Another, who will also remain nameless, jumped on board and lo and behold we were knocking back mimosas at 5 am! (forgot to mention the more English items on the menu like scones and tea.) But truly, who cares about them anyway, it was the mimosas that got me going.

The event began with much fanfare.

First Will and that Cutey Pie Harry.

 Charles and Camilla-gag!

How about the Queen Mum?  Pretty darn spiffy in her canary yellow!

The bridesmaid sister in her slinky dress and all of those angelic kiddos, got to me!

Lastly, the blushing and very poised bride on the hand of her Father...

To the hand of her prince charming...

By this time we were well into the mimosas and figured we better practice, just incase we need to be introduced as royalty somewhere, sometime.

And finally, the introduction of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the first kiss (come on, do you really believe that!?) Oh heck, why not?  Let it be a fairly tale beginning to a happy life!

To all of you men reading this, it would go a long way if you call your girlfriend, significant other, blushing bride, "DDG!" She'll know what you mean.   :)

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Ann said...

I loved the wedding. It looks like you girls had a wonderful wedding party. Good for you.