Friday, April 15, 2011

Super Clean

I found out about a new product while visiting the family in Minnesota. Super Clean is a miracle worker!

If you live in the frozen tundra, or have family or friends that do, you know how grungy the garage floor gets after a winter of snow, ice, salt, sand, dirt, grime and oil can make your garage floor. I decided to buy this miracle cleaner and give it a try.


After-WOW! The grease and grime slid off the floor, no scrubbing at all.

It also works for grease spots on clothing, you know the kind you get if you drop a kernel of buttered popcorn on your golf shirt...or if you are cooking and grease splatters on you new top?

It comes in the large, concentrated gallon size or the diluted spray bottle size. Super Clean is available online, at Walmart (in the auto section) or most auto stores.

**Super Clean Manufacturers don't know who I am.  I just love their product and thought I'd pass my new find on to you!  :)

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