Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

I enjoy the prankster-dom of April Fool's Day. My bad.

When I was young, I put salt in my Dad's sugar bowl.  You have to understand Dad was a stoic German father.  There were NO shenanigans at the table-none--no where, no how. Don't get me wrong, Dad had a sense of humor.  Just not when it came to mealtime.

Every morning, without fail, Dad had a bowl of Wheaties (get that General Mills?) He kept GM going all by himself...well, practically. He poured the milk on the cereal and he sprinkled a teaspoon of sugar on top of that.  Except  for one April Fool's Day.  I exchanged all the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt. Dad put a generous teaspoon of white crystals on his cereal that day.......

 I was fool hardy enough to think he'd get a chuckle out of an April Fool's joke.
Yeeee-aaaaa....not so much. 
To say I had to run fast is an understatement. By that evening, I just got a stern look and a low "Better not do that again."  Never heard about my April Fool's joke again.

End of story.

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