Thursday, March 31, 2011


Do you remember the old saying of "Your body is your castle"? It was taught to us in elementary school. We were learning about nutrition and what you put into your body (food) builds your castle (body) throughout your life. It will either be strong (if you eat nutritious food) or it will crumble (if you eat "junk" food).

This is not a news flash, but we eat WAY too many junk and processed foods. Even well-meaning Moms who think they are giving their children a well balanced breakfast will pull out the package of brown sugar oatmeal and feel good about the nutritious breakfast. Wrong! That little packet is:

A. So over processed, there is precious little nutrition left
B. Filled with so much sodium you can taste it
C. The added sugars (besides the brown sugar) are over the top.

In addition to the obvious of overindulging on chips of all sorts, there are the store bought cookies, the mac and cheese, and "instant" anything (rice, potatoes, etc.)

A friend of mine picked up this crumpled grocery list at where else??? Walmart. This is for real!

This should be a wake-up call to all of us. Turn your life around nutritiously and start rebuilding your castle with more protein and fresh fruits/vegetables.

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