Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Big Brother

God did something right when he gave me a big brother. (I know, God did a lot of things right.)

In this case, however, it was sure nice to have big brother to:

*Drive me to the stores when I was a kid and he was a cool teenager.
*Come to the Brownie Father/Daughter Potluck when my Dad couldn't bear going to yet one more Brownie event.
*Allow me to come to the dances when he was in a band playing the drums.  I felt SO cool telling everyone, "See that drummer up there, that's my brother."
*Tag along on a few of his dates.  Let me tell you those girls were super nice to the little sister (oh, and need I say, I milked it?)
*Watch my back when there was a bully in school taunting me.  Suffice to say, the bullying didn't last long.

*Be there for my boys, from birth on.  What a great uncle.
* Still stay in touch with me on a regular basis, phone, email and visits. He is always able to brighten my day.

It is my supreme honor to say, "Happy Birthday, Bro--You're The Best!

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