Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miss Home Ec

I have to giggle when I wite Miss Home Ec.  It's a name my Mother gave me when I was studying home econmics at the Unversity of Minnesota.  I am sure I was telling her the correct way to do _________(fill in the blank).  It was nice of her to tolerate my "directions" rather than to tell me to go take a flying leap!  All I got was an "Okay, Miss Home Ec!"  Ah, the good old days.....

I was in a Miss Home Ec kind of mood this week. I had very little on my calendar.  Having just had my house guests of a week leave, it was time to do a little spring cleaning, dig out the corners, redo the bedding, clean, organize and refresh every room.

I am also looking into evening bags online.  Curious, that is one area of my wardrobe I am desperately lacking.  I have no evening bags. I never think of shopping for an evening bag until that special night rolls around and I end up taking nothing (which is hard since I need reading glasses) or lug along my big everyday handbag.

I found this gorgeous ivory satin evening bag with a full rhinestone closure bar.  It was the right price, so I ordered it.  Then I found a similar lovely bag on, but it was not quite the quality of bag I found online and it was "chez" expensive.

My inner Miss Home Ec gene woke up and declared, "I can do that!" With a trip to Hobby Lobby and about $5.00 in satin, feathers and rhinestones I ended up with this flower.

Now just pin that puppy on the evening bag and WOWZER! That bag is red carpet material.  Look out Kate Spade!


Ann said...

Excellent job with the flower and I love all the rhinestones on the bag.
You have an original, gorgeous bag that will be the envy of the crowd.
Best wishes,

JeanneDolanMarkell said...

you ARE indeed the best, classiest Miss Home Ec I've ever known...and you know I've known a few ! Very cute....and I love Kate Spade (nabbed a great deal at the KS outlets in Fort Lauderdale last week)