Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jury Duty

UGH!  I received the dreaded jury duty notice in the mail the other day.  The reason it was dreaded is because there was no way out. Not that I mind being on a jury...just bad timing. You see, I had received one in December, during the time I was going to Rome.  I sent all of the proper documentation and I received a notice back that I had a 90 day one time exemption.

I thought they would forget about me.  No...dang computers! 90 days to the day, I was called to do my civic duty, right when I had winter visitors from New Hampshire and Minnesota.

I dutifully went. I sat in on the pre-trial information and found out it was a 30-something woman that was charged with a DUI. She had been drinking, but she claimed was not to blame, it was the fault of the prescription medication she was on. As Bill Cosby used to say in that all knowing bravado..."R-i-g-h-t!"

Fortunately I was not selected to be on the jury.  Now I'm exempt for another two years!  YEA!

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