Thursday, March 3, 2011

Company Is Coming

No, that is company is here!  Yea! It's so much fun to pick up the "Northerners" from the airport with their white Minnesota Moonglow skin shades.

First things first, gotta head to Sedona. When we lived in Maryland, it was head to the Air and Space Museum.  I could have given tours.  Same goes for Sedona nowadays.  It is magnificent scenery and one forgets the majestic vistas when you see them for the first time. Do you see the snow-capped mountain peaks?  That was indeed awesome on this particular trip!
This time, we took a side tour to Arcosanti, an experiment in urban living by Paolo Soleri, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Mr. Soleri calls it a laboratory in Arcology=architecture and ecology. The idea is to have sustainable urban living. He planned this design for 5000 people over 40 years ago. 

Unfortunately, through a lot of sideline quarterbacking, we decided although his vision was noble, he has fallen woefully short.

The architect among us was much more generous in his praise of Mr. Soleri than the rest of us.

Some of us concluded the place looked like a Mediterranean village that had been hit by an earthquake.

Check that off the list of, "Been there, done that."

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