Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cell Phone for The Elderly

WOW!  Had to share this one with you! My Mom, bless her dear soul, is turning 85 soon. She mentioned to me the other day, she wants a cell phone.  I think this is hysterical as everytime I hand her my cell phone to use, she places it upside down on her ear and says, "I can't hear a thing out of this!" I never want one of these #@*% things.

However, she has been in a pickle a couple of times this winter where her seniors bus forgot to pick her up at the grocery store and she was left stranded in freezing, arctic blast weather. A very dangerous proposition to her frail body.

For her birthday she is getting a cell phone. I am amazed at the options. Look at this...
1. A padded earpiece (She'll be able to figure out what area to put to her ear)
2. Large lighted numbers (For her arthritic fingers)
3. No contract calling plans; this even has roll over minutes.

And Apps! Who knew? They even have a plan that will call and remind people to take medications. Such a deal!


Martha said...

I have been looking for a cell phone for my grandma and have finally come across the right choice. SVC (Senior Value Cell phone) has all the features and amenities she may need at a super low price.

Jene said...

Thanks for the tip. I feel for seniors that just can't get the hang of technology, but need the cell phone for safety/security.