Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show

The Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show is the grand daddy of all gem shows.  It is wholesale only, so I was fortunate to get in.  Thanks to a good friend who has a design studio that shared a pass.

What a treat to see the latest and greatest in gem and mineral offerings for the public in the coming months.  People were not allowed to photograph, but I can tell you, you're in for a treat.

1. Yellow gold is coming back big time.  Interesting.....
2. Titanium is big.  Because gold is getting more expensive, people are looking for alternatives and titanium is CHEAP! I could buy a men's wedding ring for $15.00. Women's rings with a 1 carat semi-precious stone for $40.
3. Again, because the price of gold, there are a number of cheaper alternatives, bonding silver with gold onlay, etc.  Costume or fashion jewelry is huge! As are women's accessories of all kinds, scarves, beads, pearls, and every style of purse you can imagine.

I bought a few goodies.  See these white costume watches? What a fun buy there are!

The metal neck wire with a Murano glass piece are both beautiful and won't break the bank.

I had to buy these 14 carat cubic zirconia earrings.  What a fashion statement and all for the price of an inexpensive lunch. 

I loved these Brighton style bracelets.

I admit, I'm a cheap date!  TeeHee!

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