Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl

YEA! Green Bay just scored....keep it going! 

In the meantime, the commercials are pretty are the buffalo wings!

Okay Pack, 14 points; love the warm buttered popcorn. The Bud Light commercial has my vote.

Oooohie! 3 touchdowns and two Miller Lights. Audi car commercials are looking pretty good.

Twenty-eight-25, then 31-25, a little too early to celebrate but my fresh cherry pie is waiting.
I've always loved Go Daddy with Danica Patrick commericals, I logged onto Go Daddy online commercials to view the real deal...funny stuff!

The Packers Won Super Bowl 45!!

~Draw your own conclusions~


DBCooper1969 said...

You do realize the Packers are the ARCH RIVELS of the Vikings...I was torn, so I just fasforwarded to the commercials...wait, was that in the right order...FF "TO" commercials...yep, that is what I did.

Jene said...

The Pack is arch rival to the Vikes, but The Pack was in the Super Bowl. After all, I lived in WI twice. I was thrilled to see The Pack win this one.