Monday, February 21, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

"Twas a great weekend, yes, it 'twas.  (That's my impression of W.C Fields, how am I doing so far?!) What started out to be a cold, rainy San Diego gave way to a stunning rainbow and sunshine!
Wahoo, nothing like it!

We plotted our itinerary and took off.
Da guys golfed. De gurls shopped!  Now isn't that a novel concept? Hayley Smoothsailing and I went to Hotel Del Coronado to check it out.

We walked the fragrant, manicured gardens among the white clapboard casitas.

We mozied along the soft sandy beach listening to the 'whish" of the waves in that rhythmical lull, so romantic.

Of course, we had to show Wesley and Hayley where parts of Top Gun were filmed at The Kansas City Barbeque on Harbor Street.

It was a crazy fun ending to such an enjoyable weekend!

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