Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, I Wonder, Wonder, Who Be Doo....

You have probably been wondering where I've been.... I generally try to post a blog everyday or atleast every other day.  However, I have been busy gallivanting around the countryside.

First I was in Minneapolis, helping Traveling Teddy and Cayenne Cutie with some mater bedroom drapes.  They turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.  LOL, right?  It's pretty difficult to critique your own work.

Next I was on to Chicago, where my dear sis had some health issues to attend to.  So far, so good. The Prentice Women's Center at Northwestern Hospital is awesome. 

While AJ didn't come home with a new born baby, there were sure several that were wheeled out of there with their parents that looked totally befuddled at this new little fuzzy blanketed being. Pretty cute!  I remember the days.......

Then back to Minneapolis and Methodist Hospital where dear old Mom had a false alarm.  No harm, no foul.  I was glad I was there and everything turned out just dandy, so all is well.

Trying to get home wasn't too easy.  All I can say, is if you have to be shanghaied, try the airport in Albuquerque.  What a cute little place!  Order the green chili and ham quiche at the Black Mesa Coffee Company!  Wowzer, that's good stuff! Plus they have lounge chairs and free wi-fi throughout the airport.  Not too shabby!
Stay tuned for this recipe.  It's worth trying to copy.


Mama said...

Your Mom is gorgeous, she looks like such a sweetheart.
I can't wait for the quiche recipe. The Albuquerque Airport is really quaint.
Keep on blogging.

Jene said...

She is a cutie, quite spunky! She will be 85 in April.