Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hostess Tip

I've been married 40 years.  Whoa, Baby, that's a long time for those bath towels from those bridal showers to last. Well, I must admit, I have purchased a few through the years to add to the core towels that were gifted to me way back when.

I have some dear house guests coming this week. Out I ventured, into the Land of Linen, to pick out some new bathroom towels for them. I decided to get a different set for each one, so there would be no confusion when it came to drying themselves off. Most of the time, these sets are behind the doors of the linen closet anyway. They don't need to match.

After spending what is equivalent to some nation's GNP, I took them home, washed them so they will dry the body and not feel "waxy", dried them to fluff them up and now they are sitting, folded just so, waiting for my company to arrive.

I loved the Bumble Bee towels. The bee is the European symbol of hospitality, much like the pineapple is to the Southern United States or the coyote is to the Southwestern US. Made a note to myself, I need more bee tchotchkes.

I also picked up a bunch of these.  They are cheap (12 for $5.00) washcloths. They are colorful and match no other linens I own. They are to wash make-up off your face. My dear, smart sister taught me that.  What a great idea! You save your nice expensive towels for everyday use, but that pesky, "wash the face at night to get off the pounds of make-up" washcloth you need, this is the cat's pajamas. So, they get stained, so what.  Now there's a hot tip for you!

Thanks AJ!

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