Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holland Boone

When I shop and find something special, I like to share it. This is just the place!

Holland Boone is a pewter store (and more) here in Scottsdale.  I started shopping there 10 years ago when it was in a tiny strip mall with a very small storefront.

Now, however, it has grown! They have their own warehouse, internet order system and showrooms in both Scottsdale and Los Angeles. I have purchased many an item for my own home and gifts galore! I love this lettuce bowl for salads.  Some of my friends recognize it, don't you?

There is no shortage of pewter brands, Wilton Armetale, Nambe, Denby, even Lenox has gotten into the mix.  Holland Boone has a great selection and prices. Take a look.

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