Sunday, February 27, 2011

Green Chili and Ham Quiche

I have been anxiously anticipating the time I would have an opportunity to play with this recipe.  As you may recall, (see my February 17th post) I originally tasted this treat while at the Albuquerque airport.  I knew I was onto something when a pilot asked to jump ahead of me in line at The Black Mesa Coffee Shop in the airport to say, he had to run and get some of Green Chili and Ham Quiche everytime he stopped in Albuquerque.  Of course, that was my cue to try it as well, and I wasn't disappointed.

I came home and tried my own version. It is terrific with rave reviews from the gallery. I like to make my quiche "crustless" but if you prefer a crust on your quiche, make your own or buy one in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. I'll provide directions for this option later.

This is an easy-peasy recipe for ya-all...

Green Chili and Ham Quiche
6 eggs
1 cup fat free half and half
1 cup shredded pepper jack cheese
1 cup diced ham (You could use chorizo for this step, just remove from casing and crumble/brown it first)
2 teaspoons chopped jalapeno pepper
1 Tablespoon diced green chilies
salt and pepper to taste

Whisk the eggs and cream together to soft yellow color. Add remaining ingredients. Pour into greased muffin pan (I use Pam Spray). Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until the tops of quiche are golden.
**If you use a 9 inch pie plate with a crust, form crust in pie plate and prick with fork, pour quiche mixture in pan, bake at 375 for 35-45 minutes or until quiche is golden and knife inserted in center comes out clean.

This recipe has a nice "bite" to it, but some people in my family would enjoy more jalapeno. To do this, increase the diced jalapeno to 1 Tablespoon.

Garnish with salsa and fresh cilantro.

**When you work with hot chilies, wear plastic gloves. It will only take one time to decide this is a good idea.  You see, chilies have an oil that will stay on your hands.  Touch your eyes once and they will B*U*R*N! Using gloves will help prevent this (I wash my hands after working with chilies also, just to besure!)

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