Monday, February 28, 2011


Up until about a year ago I had the original Chicago Cutlery knives with the wooden handles from our wedding gifts.  I had them professionally sharpened  from time-to-time and that did wonders.  Infact, the results were impressive.

However, I decided I deserved some nice cutlery. I did some research and ended up buying Shun Ken Onion Cutlery.  Reason being, not only does it rank right up there in the cutlery world, but it works for the left-handed (that would be moi!).I bought just what I needed; a 3.5 inch parer, a 5 inch boning knife, a 7 inch slicer and an 8 inch Chef's knife.  I love them.  I am trying to take very good care of them, not washing them in the dishwasher, storing them in the original box, etc.

Now, however, I find myself looking for one more knife.  I need a slicer for fresh produce, like tomatoes. The old serrated bread knife worked...kind of.

Now I've found it.

It's the Wusthof 5 inch tomato knife. I love this little bugger! Not only does it slice all produce easily and without any "sawing" but the little "tooth" end is great for spearing pickles out of the jar, picking up what I've just sliced and even acting as a spatula of sorts.

I bought this little number at Macy's for $59.00, well worth the price.  It's my newest best little kitchen buddy!

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Anna said...

Andy and I have the same tomato knife and love it!!!