Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chocolate...Good For Your Health

Here we are only 5 days from Valentine's Day.  I understand some people are "dill pickles" when it comes to Valentine's day.  Maybe they have had a recent break-up or just plain don't "feel the love."  I know I am lucky.  I feel love all around me, my family, my friends, even the barista at my local Starbucks has a warm smile and pleasant greeting.

Having said that, besides a sentimental Hallmark card, flowers and chocolate are the items of this holiday, it seems.

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Chocolates...enough said, right?  I just read an article that once again espouses the benefits of adding chocolate to your diet.  Now, mind you we are not talking a pound  a day, maybe an ounce a day!
Here are the health benefits, in case you needed an excuse...
Chocolate contains:
-Antioxidants; (or as my little niece says, "Anti-accidents!") helps slow down aging
-Flavinoids; helps relax blood pressure
-Serotonin; anti-depressant
-Endorphins; aids in feelings of pleasure
-Caffeine; stimulant

Make someone's day, whether it's Valentine's Day or just because you think someone deserves a special treat. Buy them a tasty, decadent chocolate!

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