Sunday, January 2, 2011


When I was in Chi-Town for my birthday with my sis, AJ, a couple of our cronies and son Wesley and friend Hayley, I opened my gifts.  Everyone was very generous and I had a great time appreciating all the thought put into my treats!

However, the one thing that stuck with me was this card.  Ever get a card, that for some reason, you can't throw away? This is one of those cards-silly and touching, all at the same time.

Then you open it and...

As they used to say on SNL "Positive Affirmation", albeit, tongue-in-cheek. At my birthday gathering we had some spontaneous outbursts of compliments, only to follow it up by "Your Turn!".  It became quite the side-splitting, smile-inducing game, probably made even funnier by the glasses of wine we were consuming.

Well, dear readers, if you are reading and enjoying this blog, I can say in all sincerity,

"You have good sense of humor and are fun-loving, dynamic and bright."


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