Thursday, January 6, 2011

There's Evil Lurking in This World

Okay, yes, that is just a tongue in cheek title. Did I get your attention? The title actually has a "Fig Newton" of truth to it. "Fig Newton" of truth, doesn't that get you to smile?  That's what we used to say as kids.  Instead of figment of truth, we'd say, "Fig Newton" of truth and laugh our heads off.

Ahem!  Enough of these ramblings.  Back to the topic. Evil lurking and all.

One of my dear, sweet, kind friends gave me a gift certificate to Sprinkles Bakery for my birthday. Now, incase you haven't heard of Sprinkles Bakery, there are only two in the entire USA. One in Beverly Hills where all the chi-chi movie stars get these goods for their treat d'jour and here in beautiful downtown Scottsdale. My gift certificate wasn't just for one cupcake either, it was for an entire DOZEN cupcakes. Each cupcake, mind you, as 13,000 calories, minimum...and that's without sprinkles on top!

I went to the bakery yesterday with my dear sister-in-law and her daughter. Actually it was her daughter-in-law, but when you only give birth to boys, their wives become your honorary daughters, no in-law about it. Oh my gosh, my mind is wandering today. Do you suppose it's the sugar?

Back to the evil lurking. By now you get it, right?  These delightfully sinister, decadent the dozen, call my name. It truly doesn't matter what room of the house I'm in. I hear over and over..."Jene...Jene...come eat me." Don't they know I have a July deadline on weight loss? And the bad thing about it, I eat them. And all the while I'm savoring their moist, sweet goodness, I think..."this is worth every one of the 13,000 calories I'm consuming.  It's the evil lurking, I tell you!

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