Saturday, January 22, 2011

Talking Stick Resort and Spa in Scottsdale

Every once-in-awhile I like to treat myself to a day at the spa.  I was all set for this yesterday, deciding to try out the latest and greatest in Scottsdale. I made the appointment and could not wait to sit by the pool lounging, reading my current book, heading in for a soothing, muscle relaxing massage and heading home.  Ahhh...

The Talking Stick Resort is one of the newest on the block for Scottsdale.  We have no shortage of spas.  If there are 200 golf courses in this area, there have to be 250 spas! Some are day spas, some are MedSpas, some are resort spas, of which this is one. On the internet, it looks divine.

Upon arrival, I was appalled. You have to go through a smokey casino to even get to the spa.  I asked if there was a different way and the answer is no.  To get anywhere; restaurant, pool, spa, ballroom, etc., you have to go through the casino.  Okay, I get it, that's their moneymaker.  However, what I don't get is the "detoxifying" of a spa visit only to have to walk 10 minutes through a secondhand, blue-smoke filled room to emerge smelling like you've been at an all-night bar.

Here's a photo of the entry to the women's spa. Pretty boring, eh?

When I got to the spa, they couldn't get my name right. I don't have a tough name, but whoever they got to mind the desk, has trouble with a one syllable name.

Next, the attendant they asked to show me the spa was without personality. She didn't greet me or smile, infact, it was a laborious task to point out "Here's the dressing room, here's the steam room, here's where you wait for 10 minutes before your appointment."   Maybe her stringy, greasy blonde hair  or multitude of tattoos was not the spa professional I had imagined either.

The claim to fame of this spa is the unlimited view.  Okay, that was nice, but there is no place to linger by a pool outdoors. Hello!  Who designed this spa?  Were they smoking crack? We are in Arizona folks.  People want to experience the out of doors, sunshine and a pool! You see, although there is a pool for the hotel guests, the spa users are not allowed to use it. Really dumb!

Here's my advice.  If you want a spa experience avoid this spa.  There are so many other wonderful spas that will delight your senses and whisk you away to dreamland.
Here are a few...
-Scottsdale Princess Resort
-Four Seasons
-Sheraton Wild Horse Pass

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DBCooper1969 said...

Arizona Grand Resort gets the vote from Mona and I...It was a great spa...not to mention the fabulous resort in all!!!