Sunday, January 16, 2011

"T" Minus 6 Months

Perhaps this should say "W" minus 6 months. It is 6 months till younger son, Traveling Teddy, gets married to his sweetie, Cayenne Cutie.

All the plans and preparations took a sabbatical during November and December.  There were other things to attend to, like work! But now things are  on the front burner again.

The little flower girls will be my cousin's twin daughters, age 7.  They are adorable and can't wait to be little princesses again.  You see they are old hand at this wedding thing, being flower girls at their Auntie's wedding last year.

Here is the dress they get to wear and twirl about in, except it will have a cobalt blue sash.

Like most 7 year olds these days, American Girl dolls are the highly sought after prize of little girls this age. Of course, these little flower girls both have one. They have done it all, had lunch and the show with their American Girl dolls, gone to the AG store, bought coordinating outfits and done it all with pride in their hearts and a smile on their face.  Now they will be sharing their flower girl dresses with their little dollies. I sure had fun making the matching dresses. Yes, they will have tiaras and silver slippers to match as well.

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