Monday, January 31, 2011

Inaugural Bridal Shower

What a fun day, surrounded by friends and family, celebrating a major upcoming event.
It all started with this...a bridal shower honoring Traveling Teddy and Cayenne Cutie.

The festivities were hosted by my two wonderful, awesome, sisters-in-law, both of whom could give Martha a run for her money in the entertaining arena. 

Julie, on the left, with my friend Jeanne.

Teri, on the left, with sweet Anna and one of her "littles".

The theme was "Love In Bloom" and the colors were red and pink.  Lots of flowers, beautiful table settings and hearts galore (one of my favorites, I might add.)

My dear friends braved the snow in the Frozen Tundra and some traveled for hours.  I am humbled to be supported by such loving, caring women.

Thanks to my brother-in-law who stepped in at the last minute for a group shot! Gotta love it!

The hot ticket were the scrumptious sandwiches!  I had so many requests to put the recipe on my blog, here it is! These are fantastic!

Poppyseed and Swiss Ham Sandwiches
1 1/2 # of sliced ham
1# of sliced Swiss cheese
24 small dinner rolls

Prepare sandwiches with 2-3 layers of ham and 2 layers of Swiss cheese. You maybe cutting the ham and cheese to fit the bun size. Place in two 9x13 cake pans

Mix and bring to a boil the following ingredients.
2 sticks of butter
2T of honey mustard
2T of worcestershire sauce
2T of poppy seeds
4 T of brown sugar

Baste all of the sandwiches with the sauce.  Pour the remaining sauce over the top of the buns. refrigerate for 4-6 hours. Bake 325 for 30 minutes.  Serve warm.

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Cupcake said...

So sorry I missed it! It looks like a lovely time! And, I can't believe everyone loved the sandwiches. They But I guess I'll have to give them a try!