Friday, January 21, 2011

Greenbay Packers VS Chicago Bears

Oh my gosh...what to do, what to do!  If you are in a football family (and if you aren't, you're in a minority), the game to watch this weekend is the play off game between the legendary Greenbay Packers and the darlings of "America's City", the Chicago Bears.

It will be played outdoors in the frozen tundra part of the USA, Chicago. People will bundle up with their down coats, their chemical handwarmer and foot warmer packets and of course, a libation to warm their innards. It will be quite the sight!  Oh, and if you don't know it, Wisconsin is proud of their cheese.  It's part of the dress code at the Packer games. Take note!  You too can have your own cheesehead.

I find this whole phenomenon intriguing.  I have lived in the Dairy State twice, thoroughly enjoying myself meeting great people, eating their wonderful cheeses, brats and oh my yes, good beer! Then came this company, Foamation, that thought of this ingenious product, the Cheesehead, and the phenom grew! Ya gotta love people who would wear something so crazy and be proud of it! You betcha!

So, what does this have to do with the Greenbay Packers/Chicago Bears game? Just look at the fans in the stands on Sunday, you'll know.

In the meantime I am practicing my cheer..."DA BEARS!"  Oh wait, no  "GO PACK!" Oooh, I'm torn... may the best team win! I'll be watching, ya, fer sure!

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