Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bye, Bye Chi-Town

Interesting day yesterday.  It's always interesting when you see everything you've worked for, paid for, all your worldly goods, packed into a moving van and shipped by a soul you hope is honest. To me it's a bit like Linus losing his security blanket.  You just hope the day it comes back to you, it's in the same condition as when it left you.

Only this time, I am off to Chicago helping my older son get his belongings moved. The feeling is the same...or is it more so?  You see, when you do something like this for someone else you feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. I didn't know what belongings he truly felt attached to or what he wouldn't care about, so I shipped it all. I cajoled, instructed, gave suggestions and generally was probably a pain in the neck to the mover.  But, again, when it's not your stuff, you try not to leave any margin for error. And we all know when you have an interstate move, there is a lot of margin for error.  So, bottom line, you say a prayer, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

My job is over. Now let's pray for some clear weather for the truck driver and a good, honest mover to get everything there so life can begin anew!

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