Friday, January 28, 2011

Back To The Frozen Tundra

I flew back to the frozen tundra yesterday.  I have always liked the little Snoopy dog welcoming me back. How can a traveler look at this and not smile inside?

Then off to pick up my son's truck and go see the Queen Mum (that's my mother for those of you who don't know.)

It was buried in 2 feet of snow, so I dutifully dug it out, atleast the back tires.  I mean after all, it is a 4 wheel drive, big honkin' truck.

I put it in reverse and the little gem purred like a kitten, going through the snow like it was nothing.  That was until I turned the wheel and got it stuck in a 3 foot snowbank. 

How dumb! How could I do that?  I know better! I shook my head, rolled my eyes and laughed out loud! Only an Arizonan that has been out of this white fluff could do something so dumb! So, whad'yado? You get the shovel and dig it out!

And away I went, chug, chug, chuggin' down the street!

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