Saturday, January 1, 2011


WAHOO!  A New Year! A Clean Slate!  Do-overs!

What are your goals this year? I don't say "resolutions" as that insinuates that you break them.  What I do think about and try is to set new goals and small measurable steps to try to achieve them.

Do these goals sound familiar?

1. Lose weight/get in better physical condition.
2. Save more money/spend less.
3. Get more organized.

#1 I will start tomorrow-seriously.  I even promise to report back to you on this one.

#2 I started today.  January 1st. Two years ago I kept track of every penny I spent.  I had a little notebook and when I spent something I wrote it down in my notebook or on the receipt to add to my notebook that evening. It worked wonders. I've set a goal on what to save this year.  Now it's time to put some effort into it. (Oh, won't Freddie be happy to hear that!?)

#3 Get organized. We have moved around the country many times. Each time I become better at weeding out the miscellaneous in my life. I came to the realization that the more you have, the more complicated your life becomes.  I don't need "complicated" in my life, I need "simple". However, it's been 6 years since our last move and I can tell. I have gotten a bit lackadaisical about keeping clutter at bay. So, to this end, I have started weeding out. I have completed one room already, my office. Alleluia-it feels so good to get rid of that sh stuff!

Good luck to you and your goal setting this year!  Take baby steps and reward yourself for successes you earn!

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