Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Vatican At Christmas

I am not Catholic.  However, one cannot be Christian and not be moved at seeing the Vatican at Christmas. It is a sight to behold. Add to that rare occurance and even rarer one, a soft snow falling on St. Peter's Square, and you can visualize my day.  As a friend of mine says, "WOWSA!"

The Nativity Set in the Vatican Museum is colorful and touched with gold.

Foxtrot Freddie likes to experience as much as he can-he reads every sign!  Well, he did pretty well at the Vatican Museum.  I warned him it was 4 miles long! I did have a lot of time to take photos though! :)

Some kind soul took our picture in the "map rooom" of the Vatican Museum; one of the few we have of the two of us.  This is a magnificent room with maps drawn in the 1500's.  The ceiling reflects exquisite paitings of the popes, saints and the lifestyle of the day. 
St. Peter's Basilica was awesome.  There was a choir singing hymns in the ginormous place with the hymns echoing though the air. Then looking upon this sight was Michaelangelo's Pieta, a very touching scupture of Mary holding her Son.
Outside the Basilica, in St. Peter's Square, a crowd gathered to listen to a German "Oompa" band and chorus sing German Christmas carols. It brought a smile to my face.
 I think you had to be there!

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