Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank You Notes

It's time to write your holiday thank you notes.

I may be old fashioned here, but I figure if someone is kind enough to spend their hard earned cash on you, take the time to think of what you might like for a gift, and then actually make the effort to get the gift for you, it is only right to send them a thank you note.

I know nowadays, email is king. Actually texting has probably taken the place of emailing. I still prefer a hand written note.  I think it's the tactile object in my hand. Something that can't be deleted in a milli-second. I still write thank you notes.

When the boys were young, we had a policy; you can't play with the toy or use whatever the gift was, until you sent a thank you note.  Trust me, the thank you notes were done and out of the way by noon on Christmas Day! It proved to be a pretty good policy. 

We had a second policy. If you don't send a thank you note, that may be the last gift you get from that person. That was also motivation to get the thank you note out. 

A word of appreciation for another's efforts is always a good thing.

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Mama said...

I agree with you Jene, thank you notes are a MUST. Mine were all written out on Christmas Day and in the mail the next day.