Sunday, December 5, 2010

Second Sunday in Advent

Time marches on.  Here we are the second Sunday in Advent. This is an electric time of year.  I can feel the energy and excitement.

The homily today was about the meaning of Christmas, the gift of the Lord in our lives. Of course, most of us dwell on the "things" we get at Christmas. The sermon was obviously trying to add some balance in that frenzy.  It's always a good reminder.

One challenge was to make Christmas Day a "tech free" day and to enjoy the moment; being with friends and family, actually conversing and listening to them.  I am wondering if I can do that.  How about you?  No cell phones, no texting, no computer and blog post.  Anybody willing to give it a try and report back to me?

On another note, I'm hosting a wedding reception for some friends this afternoon. It's a small gathering but it will be fun to share their joy.  There are a few of us pitching in. I am making BBQ meatballs, smoked salmon pate and red velvet cupcakes. I also tried my hand at this.  The berries smell fresh and yummy in the midst of all the baking sugar!

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