Thursday, December 2, 2010

Potato Chips Are Good For You!

Well, now that I have your attention by that title I will explain! USAToday provided the inhabitants of this house to a good chuckle this morning. You see, I try to keep the house filled with food that is "good" for you. Through the years it hasn't been easy. There was the picky eater phase, the not quality but quantity phase, the meatless meal phase,  the fast food phase, and the junk food phase...among a few.

Just the other day I read the study that is contrary to what we thought. While it is important to get enough calcium and Vitamin D to maintain bone health, prevent fractures and osteoporosis, too much can lead to cardiovascular issues, kidney disease, kidney stones, and possibly some cancers. 
Enough/too much...reminds me of that old commerical that advertised eating prunes, "Are three enough, is six too many?" I can personally tell you six are too many, but that's another blog post.

Back to today's cartoon....
Foxtrot Freddie is known to obliterate a bag of potato chips in record time. I can put a good dent in a bag myself! When he saw this cartoon this morning, he couldn't help himself but to cut it out and show me. I totally get it. So now my friends, this house is in the potato chip phase!  Yummo! One of the best phases so far. Have you ever tried Old Bay Seasoning on potato chips?  :)

**For the record, I know potato chips are NOT good for you.

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