Friday, December 17, 2010

Lola Livin Large

Okay, it's taken me awhile.  Just saying, I was still flying...

I'ts tradition when Traveling Teddy and I fly together that we have one of these.  So to toast him, the one who introduced me to this part ofthe world, I had to oblige.

And where did I end up on this momentous occasion?

Yes, on a Roman Holiday!  I LOVED Rome when I was there in January!! As tradition goes, if you throw a coin into the Trevii Fountain you will return.  Tradition says it must be from your right hand over your left shoulder when turned away from the fountain.  I'm a believer! In less than a year, here I am back in beloved Rome.

Freddie and I did it up right.  After a 24 hours of getting here....

We shopped. Look at these wonderful motorized flower carts going up and down the alleyways selling fresh Christmas flowers and wreaths.

We dined in the outdoors cafe people watching and gazing at the foutains scuptures hundreds of years old.
We had wine and antipasto. The Italian chianti wine is so, so good!   

We saw the Pantheon.

OMG, what a dream of a birthday.  I thought it would be great, but this is over the top WONDERFUL!

I ended in grand Birthday queen style (totally pooped) on my bed with my boa and my tiara, eating the best tarimisu in the entire world and sitting a cappacino.

I am such a lucky woman!


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Cupcake said...

wow! best birthday present ever!